Subject: PLEASE READ: New Raith Reservation Policy Semi-Final Proposal Going Into Effect 2/10/2004
From: Mark Topinka <>
Date: Fri, 06 Feb 2004 22:51:31 -0800

New Raith Reservation Policy Semi-Final Proposal Going Into Effect 12:01am 

Hi everyone.
       This email summarizes the consensus that was reached at the end of 
Raith townhall meeting (on 2/2/2004) about a new Raith reservation policy 
which will go into effect 12:01am Tuesday, February 10th.  James asked me 
to summarize and send this out to the group since he has been working 
extremely hard this week on Raith maintenance, training, and other issues 
and hasn't had time to finish off his Raith-Townhall-meeting-minutes email 
yet.  We are hoping that by sending this email now, people who have 
questions and/or concerns about these new policies will have enough time to 
try and talk to somebody who was at the Raith townhall meeting on 2/2/2004 
and/or to email the raith@snf list.

The basic policy is pretty simple:
At any given moment in time, you may be signed up for no more than 8 total 
hours on the Raith.  (Note please! This is a *reservation* cap, not a 
*usage* cap- as soon as you finish a given reservation, that time comes off 
your total and you may sign up for any available block)
one exception to the 8 hour cap: if you are somebody who absolutely needs 
longer than 8 hours per write-session, you may sign up for ONE slot at a 
time which is up to 10 hours long.  (to clarify with some examples: two 4h 
sessions are ok, one 10h session is ok, but two separate 5h slots are Not 
ok.)  No going over these caps by even a half an hour without talking to 
James first, please- the entire offending reservation will be removed.

Also: in conjunction to this new reservation cap, we are hoping to open up 
the coral reservation window to two weeks, but John Shott is still working 
on that option.  The hope is that this will help to eliminate the 7*24hours 
advance 30-minute slot signup problem.   John is also trying to get the 
coral system to allow us to make reservations which *begin* at 7*24 hours 
in advance as opposed to *ending* at 7*24 hours in the future- this would 
eliminate the need for the current practice of sending out emails to the 
list each time you start a new reservation.  (although, hopefully, with the 
8 hour cap and a 2-week reservation window, the entire 30-minute pounce 
problem will no longer be a problem).

A side note: I would respectfully suggest that we not snap-judge the 
success or failure of this new policy right away, because the first week is 
going to be seriously messed up no matter what we do due to the fact that 4 
entire days are being pre-reserved for planned maintenance on the 
Raith.  We're basically thinking of trying this policy at least until the 
middle of March to see how it works.

A final note: we are in the process of assembling a list of "raith experts" 
which we will post next to the Raith with email addresses and phone numbers 
so that anybody (beginners OR experts) can call a fellow student Raith user 
with questions about problems they're having, or also with questions about 
their gdsII patterns, optimal writing voltages, and aperatures.

Thanks for reading this!  I for one am optimistic that this will turn out 
to be a pretty good working solution for a Very popular resource.  Have a 
great weekend!  -Mark