Subject: Re: Raith PC issue
From: James Conway <>
Date: Mon, 03 May 2004 10:03:31 -0700

JOHN and RAITH Users:

DO NOT direct mail to Raith Field service people, period.  All 
communications should go through me, other wise you just burden them 
with too much information from too many sources.  In this case, this is 
not a Raith problem but a windows memory utilization problem which is 
being worked on with the help of Stanford resources here at SNF.  This 
problem has not been exhibited on other RAITH systems.  Please report 
your questions and observations in the RAITH 150 Operations Notebook No. 
2.         BTW: I first contacted them on this issue in December 2003.

Note:  You should never run other windows applications when running the 
RAITH150 software as it could interfere with resource allocations in the 
window's memory addressing that  need top be free  for use by the RAITH 
150 application.  Hence if you run another windows appl. that takes up 
some of the addressable memory area; you will get problems within the 
RAITH application as it attempts to map to these addressable memory 
places, now reserved by the other appl.  You can think of it as 
'reserved seating' or place cards in the addressable memory array structure.

This week I am working on performing some system admin. functions of the 
RAITH and LEO PC's and will open the PC's and determine if I can add 
more RAM memory as this may help this situation.

Thank you,


John Cumings wrote:

Bend, George and others,

Thank you so much for your efforts to make the Raith a better system for
us here at Stanford.  I and the other users are really looking forward to
moving forward from the latest round of issues, so -- hat's off for all
the hard work!

I just realized another problem with the Raith PC that I wanted to make
people aware of.  The system calculator (provided by Microsoft under
Start->Programs->Accessories) doesn't work.  At least twice by my memory,
when I have run the program, it pops up a window with no buttons and
malformed/missing graphical features.  This is very similar to the problem
that I and other users have when trying to open position lists and other
files.  I think it may be indicative of more severe stability issues,
Windows crashes, etc.

I only bring it up as a potential red flag; the calculator program itself
is not critical to my research.