Subject: RAITH 150 Status Monday July 26, 2004 10 AM
From: James Conway <>
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004 10:16:32 -0700

Greetings Raith Users:

Over the weekend we completed system administration and repairs to the RAITH 150 system blanking sub-system.
Today we will be conducting performance testing on the system evaluating WF to WF stitching and the pattern generator performance.

Writes done over the weekend displayed several interesting results we wish to duplicate and evaluate.
I hope to hand off the system to users for normal operations beginning Tuesday Morning.

There are still some calibrations to be completed to the stage leveling controls and all users are recommended to check all their custom settings in their user.vbd and in their directories as they may have been reverted back to default settings during system administration activities last Thursday night.

NEW RAITH 150 PC Installed:

We now have a brand new PC running the RAITH SW application. We transferred all files onto the new hard drives after backing up the system.  Administrator level passwords have been changed and we will be restricting access to SYSTEM  level to just three individuals to address concerns that surfaced recently.

More updates as information becomes available.


James Conway