Subject: RAITH 150 back into Green Light mode...
From: James Conway <>
Date: Fri, 01 Oct 2004 11:18:59 -0700

Good Morning,

We continue to evaluate the level of Beam Current 'leakage' from the 
RAITH and LEO blanking sections. Raith USA is working with me closely on 
this issue.  After more measurements we will develop a plan of attack to 
resolve these concerns.

Although I am seeing leakage levels somewhat higher than a month ago 
they still could be within a normal range to be expected for any Ebeam 
column.  Also note that as we continue towards the second half of our PM 
interval on the column, some increasing levels of beam drift and leakage 
are to be expected.  I will be making some more measurements today if 
access is available on the system with hopes at developing a strategy to 
deal with this challenge.

Returning the system to green mode for your use.

Please inspect your patterns carefully and report back to this list your 
comments, concerns, and observations.

Thank you for your support!

James Conway