Subject: Unqualified access through training login -- passwd has been changed. RAITH IS BACK UP!
From: James Conway <>
Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2003 13:59:37 -0700

Greeting RAITH Users:

All users are given notice that the RAITH LOGBOOK must be filled in for each run you write on the system.
No users since yesterday afternoon have logged in making it difficult to determine whom is has been on the system when errors where encountered.  Examination of the LEO servers and a security logger shows an attempt to access the system through the training login.  I have changed the training logins passwd.  Users using that login will need to see me to obtain the new passwd.
I can be reached at 415-412-4825 when I am on the cell phone grid.

Users are asked to be especially vigilant to follow the Load and Unload procedure exactly, particularly with respect to making sure to have your brain engaged when starting the sequence and ensure the door seal is made both loading AND UNLOADING THE SYSTEM. The current problem seems to again OPERATOR ERROR.

To come into SNF and fix this TODAY cost me 4 hours of my weekend and a 120 miles of driving round trip, and with a blown disk in my back no less!  NOW BE CAREFUL and try to get as much through the system as you can before we shut down for repairs and qualification testing.

Thank you,

James Conway
E-beam Technology Group