Subject: Plan for down time on RAITH -- I will likely need lxuwind's Mondays session next week.
From: James Conway <>
Date: Wed, 09 Mar 2005 09:10:18 -0800

Hello Liang Xu:

I am trying to get RAITH USA in for service o the system next week, and 
it is likely then will arrive early in the afternoon on Monday and will 
immediately need access to the system.  But keep in mind, as that 
flights are sometimes delayed, and RAITH's plans often change without 
notice to us; I would suggest you coordinate with Ryan Tu on his run 
before you and if you can overlap a bit you should be finished before we 
will need the system.  You may in fact get some extra time if you load 
with ryan in the morning and simply do a hand off of the system when his 
run is completed. Save you the load lock interval and the warm up on the 

I have only a very limited time with which to work with the RAITH people 
while they are here at SNF.  Their schedule seems very limited as they 
have other sites to visit this week. Thank you for the extra effort that 
this request will entail.