Subject: RAITH STATUS 18:45 hours Monday April 11, 2005: SYSTEM IS BACK UP AFTER POWER FAILURE
From: James Conway <>
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 18:51:45 -0700


A Power failure occurred late last evening and the system came down, 
shutting off the gun and partially venting the system to air.
User in attempt to recover his samples from the system then tripped a 
fatal load lock error (level 2) upon time out event of the turbo pump as 
it could not reach the set point vacuum.  Communication interfaces and 
the IEE-488 buss dropped when the computer was rebooted repeatedly 
without allowing it sufficient time to recover the W2K OS directory 
structure.  The LEO computer lost it configuration files and they were 
recovered from my Friday afternoon parachute backup.

I brought the vacuum system back up this morning. The FE-Gun and 
communications were restored to normal functionality this afternoon.  
The last three hours we have set up and performed a EBL write and will 
examine this sample tomorrow for a new Qualification of the system.  All 
functions seem normal and I am restoring users access as of 19:30 hours 
this evening.  System is now in Green light mode.

System schedule open as of 19:30 as HUNGTAO is canceling for the evening 
session.  Who's next?  Please unload my sample into the sample box on 
the system.  Questions -- please call me on my cell.

Thank you for your support!

James Conway