Subject: Re: "Raith Cam"
From: "S. Ekin Kocabas" <>
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 15:56:01 -0800
Thu, 30 Nov 2006 15:56:01 -0800
Here are some ideas and questions..

One could use a video splitter instead of changing the video card on the 
computer. Here's an example splitter:

Would a remote connection to the Raith computer have any side effects if 
Raith is writing a pattern at the same time? If that is a concern, there 
should be means to disable it.

For remote access to solve load lock errors, windows has a remote 
desktop client, which I use frequently. It might be activated on Raith. 
The problem with that is only one user can login at the same time. When 
a remote connection is made, the local window is blanked.

Instead of a webcam, one could schedule (every 30secs?) a "print screen" 
on the Raith computer, and save the image to a specific place over the 
network, which everyone could check to see what's going on. I googled 
print screen utilities, the one below might be suitable:


James Conway said the following on 11/30/2006 8:41 AM:
> Hello Ilya,
> I have thought about this too. I am also CCing the 
> list to start a new thread for discussion.
> What may be better than a simple webcam and we just need someone with 
> the time and energy to get it set up;  might be to have a secure 
> wireless network to the RAITH, possibly hosting from 
> (My office PC..) That way authenticated users 
> could login to either my host and gain a VPN connection to the raith  
> computer to monitor the system, ftp files, and prepare position list.  
> This would help me also when we run into problems on the tool .  I 
> could login remotely and take care of problems such as load lock 
> errors and assist Users remotely.
> Additionally I would desire to get dual output video cards and two 
> additional monitors so that we can watch through the clean room 
> windows  from the outside.  This would also be useful for outreach to 
> visitors coming to SNF to observe the RAITH operations  in progress. 
> Ideas and suggestions are welcomed.  Anyone in the RAITH community 
> have the wireless and PC networking skills or desire to assist in 
> getting this set up?
> The floor is open to your ideas...
> Best,
> James Conway
> Ebeam Lab
> Ilya Fushman wrote:
>> Hey,
>> How about a Raith webcam that you can turn on to monitor your write.
>> There have been a few times when my write has stalled, and it would be
>> good to be able to periodically check on it remotely. Webcam's like
>> $50, and we could mount it on the Island computer.
>> -ilya

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