Subject: RAITH is in qualification -- coral schedule resumes at 17:00 hours
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2007 15:56:51 -0700

 Fri, 13 Apr 2007 15:56:51 -0700
<p><strong>Greetings RAITH Users:</strong></p><p>We have effected  
repairs to the RAITH piezo post by shimming up piezo post 2 and 3 in  
order to allow the stage planarity to be within the range of the piezo  
post movement and accomplish a leveled writing plane. The centered  
piezo positions render a level  100 mm wafer measuring across the  
entire wafer to within 20 um in our test today. Several other  
subsystems have been tested and repaired concurrent to this work. The  
vacuum controller was also rebuilt with the good components between  
two controller selected and built into one unit. Joe Klingfus with  
RAITH USA and myself have been working night and day all week to  
complete this work before the weekend. </p><p>The shot spot offset  
calibration has been adjusted. Contamination dot shots are placed in  
the center of the write field properly. Dot diameter is less than 20  
nm at 10 kV 30 um aperture.</p><p>Currently I am writing the PCM  
Qualification run and performing additional calibrations and  
measurements to collect data on repeatability and system  
performance.</p><p>We wish to resume the RAITH Coral schedule at or  
about 22:00 hours today.<br />If Users are flexible we should be able  
to catch up to the schedule over the weekend.</p><p>Users severely  
negatively impacted by the delays we experienced this month and facing  
closing deadlines should see me during my office hours next week to  
coordinate how they are to come back onto the system.</p><p>Thank you  
for your support!</p><p /><p>James Conway</p><p />