Subject: Raith problems
From: "Shinichi Koseki" <>
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 08:09:43 -0800

From the last night, some problems are ongoing.

1. mitsuru1 wrote on the log sheet
"Error: Vacuum is not ready"

2. bilee wrote on the coral
"When I tried to load the sample, it showed an error massege
saying that the vaccum in the stage is bad. I could not  use the tool
due to this problem."

3. When I started the Raith program, I got
Error Digital Pattern Generator popup windonw saying
"Digital Pattern GENerator is not ready !
Demo mode enabled "
After rebooting both the Raith and LEO computer,
this problem was resolved and the Raith program started normally.

4. When I loaded the sample, the turbo pump took about
1min to start (usually it's just 5 sec)

5. ETH running up takes long time ~ 5min.
Until the voltage finally reached to 10kV, I got
popup window 3 times saying
Error Raith 150 "It is not possible to set the voltage !"
I hit "retry" and waited.

Otherwise, it seems to be fine. I could start my writing normally.

Now, the vacuum parameters are
System Vacuum: 3x10^(-6)
Gun Vacuum: 1x10^(-9)
Vacuum Status: ready