Subject: Re: chairs in the Ebeam Lab
From: James Conway <>
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 11:24:05 -0700

RAITH Users:

Several of the extremely short chairs were removed from the E-beam lab --  they are to remain in the computer area.
The computer people need them and we should have ergonomically suitable chairs available in the Ebeam lab for your use.

Please be sure to be kind to Charley; please do not crowd him out of his working space as it seems to really bother him.
He was rather nasty about several chairs that were pushed into this area near the electrical cabinets this morning.

Thank you,

James Conway

Charley wrote:

    Raith users,
    We are having a problem with you folks crowding the ebeam uVax
cabinet and the
electronics cabinet I'm currently working on. I constantly find chairs
jammed into the
little recess in front of the uVax. Banging into this cabinet can only
have bad results, as
can preventing me from accessing the vacuum control and the signals
cabinet. My oscilloscope was nearly knocked over by this. Pay attention
to what you're
doing, please. I have asked this of you before, and it is still
important and still a