Subject: Raith free tonite from 7pm on. Finished early . . . due to misbehaving Elphy
From: Yin Yuen <>
Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2003 18:58:59 -0700

Elphy misbehaved so I only got one write job done. The rest of the time 
slot is open to the adventurous one who wishes to take a chance at writing 
without write field alignment abilities.

James, I posted a problem report. The ELPHY module is acting up and won't 
actually do any corrections when I tried to do write field alignment. The 
numbers get punched in, but the alignment doesn't get better. Also, Raith 
software crashed, and upon reload the software halted on loading 
EEMELP5.DLL. A reboot solved the halting problem, but not the inability to 
do write field alignments.