Subject: Re: HSQ request
From: "James W. Conway" <>
Date: Fri, 07 Dec 2012 10:53:48 -0800

I have just placed the fresh batch of HSQ (XR-1541-006) into the resist 
refrigerator.  This bottle is unopened and I will place SNF labels on it 
this afternoon.
  Be sure to keep the material under refrigeration and not allow it to 
warm to room temperature at any time.

Thank you,

On 12/5/2012 12:25 PM, Seongjae Cho wrote:
> Hello James,
> Thank you so much for your e-mail and updates.
> Yes, me and Seonghyun's questions were quenched when we were seeing you a couple of
days ago
> and we've been struggling to get out of this situation with little HSQ right now.
> It will be really and truly appreciated if we are permitted to use some of
> the HSQ kept for emergency. We have only three 1.5 x 1.5 cm pieces to be coated
> so it won't be a big loss on the owner's side, either, but I quite doubt that
> the remaining amount in the lab like 1 mL sticking on the bottom may wholy cover the
> Just 5 - 10 mL should be more than enough and really*100 appreciated. :-)
> I'll see you around 2 pm to surely learn where to get it or whom to ask further, etc.
> Thank you so much, James, and see you at the office!
> - Sincerely, Seongjae.
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> 보낸 사람: "James Conway" <>
> 수신: "Seongjae Cho" <>
> 참조: "Seonghyun Paik" <>
> 보낸 시간: 2012년 12월 5일, 수요일 오후 12:11:26
> 제목: Re: HSQ request
> Hello
> I think we covered this in the hallway last Friday and I hoped I
> answered all your questions then.
> I have HSQ on order.  But you have my permission to use up the remaining
> supply.   There is also some user owned HSQ (XR-1541-006) and Fox-12 in
> the lab that we may also utilize in an emergency.
> I will be back in the lab at 2:00 PM working on the RAITH system.  I had
> a cancellation on the plan with another user so I am catching up on
> other work.
> If you still need my help please see me this afternoon or tomorrow.
> All the Best,
> James
> On 11/29/2012 6:56 PM, Seongjae Cho wrote:
>> Hello James,
>> This is Seongjae Cho at Harris Group.
>> Seonghyun is trying to helping me with device fabrication
>> and e-beam lithography with HSQ is needed for patterning.
>> But he found that only 1 mL of HSQ is remaining in the bottle
>> and we are wondering if there is an extra bottle
>> , if not, if there is a fast way to make a purchase order so that
>> we can get a new bottle on Monday.
>> Or just a handful amount of HSQ should be fine since we have
>> only 3 pieces with 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm sizes. :-)
>> Me and Seonghyun need to complete the fabrication
>> on Monday since we have a very limited loan time of measurement tool.
>> So it will be appreciated if you can help us in finding a way.
>> If you expect a delay when making the purchase by ordinary purchase order
>> while if it is possible to get it fast in time by credit card purchase,
>> I'd like to support that process with a proper project card.
>> Maybe it should work if we can get a bottle by Tuesday
>> since the measurement equipment is turned in on Wednesday.
>> I'll be looking forward to having your advice on this
>> or we can meet and talk at early morning tomorrow.
>> You can let me know when you are available.
>> Thank you and have a good night.
>> - Sincerely, Seongjae.