Subject: Re: cancelled 9-2 tonight
From: John Shott <>
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 13:52:38 -0800


Every piece of equipment has a *-pcs mailing list ... but you are correct that 
  not everyone is subscribed to or receives the traffic on that list.

pcs stands for Problems/Comments/Shutdowns and is the mailing list which is 
used to notify the maintenance staff and engineers on each piece of equipment 
that there is a problem or shutdown condition.  When they clear or resolve a 
problem or shutdown, their response also goes to the appropriate *-pcs list.

Because the content of these lists is viewable ... either on the snf equipment 
"Mailing list archive" page or in the Coral maintenance client itself (under 
the tab labelled "Maintenance") if people wish to view it, we concluded that 
we didn't need to send the e-mail traffic of the *-pcs lists to all qualified 
users of each piece of equipment.  (I'm actually subscribed to all of the 
lists ... and I can tell you that it is a lot of messages and most of them 
aren't terribly informative other than they let me know that something is 
broken or that something is fixes).

So, that's the story on the * mailing lists ...