Subject: Please welcome the RAITH Group VIII onto the system.
From: James Conway <>
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 10:01:07 -0800


Please welcome RAITH Group VIII onto the system.  This group recently completed their RAITH basic system operation training participating in a four day intensive short course.  They have done a very good job at coming up to speed on the system. We now have 68 users on the RAITH 150 EBL system.

 The members of RAITH Group VIII are:

Mehmet Yanik Coral: fatih 
Working with Photonic Crystals with the
Vuckovic Group

 Mark Selker Coral: mselker 
Working on structures for Paired Plasmon Surface Resonance structures with Rashid Zia, Brongersma Group

Venkat Srinivasan Coral: venkats
Stohr Group / SLAC with Scott Andrews.
Ilya Fushman ifushman@stanford  Coral: ifushman
Working with Photonic Crystals also with the Vuckovic Group.

Please welcome them into the RAITH Community.

Thank you,

James Conway