Subject: Raith is down. Back up late thursday at the earliest...
From: James Conway <>
Date: Tue, 09 Mar 2004 20:23:01 -0800
Tue, 09 Mar 2004 20:23:01 -0800
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We are continuing efforts to track down and eliminate several problems observed on the LEO column.
SYSTEM is Shutdown while we pump the chamber back down overnight.
Tomorrow we will continue test of the blanking section before breaking gun vacuum, only if necessary.

Root Causes:

Charging in the upper section of the column either in the gun or deflection/blanking section have been  deflecting the beam during blanking and upon unblanking and an image of a shot spot will drift back into center. Due to the rapid rate of the blanker in normal operation during an EBL write this problem is unsuitable in order to obtain quality results on your sample. This is likely due to contamination or a micro particle in the upper aperture plate.

During the writefield alignment routine the frame integration during image acquisition was leading to a blurred images making it most difficult for users to achieve suitable write field alignment for their runs.  Dot writes and small area writes less than 50 nm square will also display this problem.  SEM inspection of dot shot patterns written during the qualification run last Friday evening display elliptical shapes in Y dimension.

Here a couple of images to tune you in to the view:

  First shot...  First Mark acquisition

  Second mark acquisition

   Third mark acquisition.

Attached is a tiff of the shot made during my qualification run SEM inspection session last night where I allowed the ebeam to stabile on the sample for 30 seconds before shooting the short spot shot.

Good Evening,

James Conway

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