Subject: RAITH UPDATE...Friday 6-13-2003
From: James Conway <>
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2003 09:26:19 -0700

RAITH 150 is up and available for users.

The RAITH 150 has now been at Stanford University for One Year!  First light at SNF was June 7, 2002.
Happy Anniversary Folks!

The system schedule is nearly full, see James Conway if you are having problems making a reservation on CORAL.

Shutdown Tuesday June 17,2003:
We will be bringing the system down for maintenance and repairs starting Tuesday 9 AM.  We will be performing system maintenance and replacing the Laser Interferometer Stage with a new stage.  Thursday through Tuesday (6-19 -- 6-24) we will be repeating the acceptance qualifications testing on the system as we did last year.

Application support on your Patterns June 25/26, 2003:
People whom were impacted by the write field to write field stitching problems are asked to  see James Conway. This is so we schedule some time with you during testing to evaluate how your patterns will write on the new system configuration. This will greatly help us to test the system in actual user applications.  Michael Kahl form Raith GmbH, Dortmund. DE. will be here to 6-19 -- 6- 27- 2003.

During this time we hope to have several informal EBL technical discussions that users are welcome to attend.  I would be interested in gaining your comments on what topics users would be interested in learning more from the experts?

Thank you for your interest in E-beam Lithography and SEM at SNF!

James Conway
E-beam Technology Group, Stanford Nanofabrication Facility