Subject: Re: New Thread: Should we charge users when they cancel without advanced notice on the Raith system?
From: Ofer Levi <>
Date: Wed, 07 Dec 2005 17:17:21 -0800

Dear James,
I would like to separate the issue of finding a good way to ensure the system will be used at all times, from educating people that are negligent in reporting that they can not make it to their Raith reservation.
I have found that in many cases when you develop your last e-beam run and need inspection, you do not know till you exam your samples in the raith using SEM inspection if it worked, or you have to pull out your samples.
In addition, charging people for short cancel notice may be working for people who only have Raith write and inspection, or simple etch steps.  For some of us who go through multiple steps of processing and then go through Raith write and need to cancel an hour or two in advance, due to another system that is down as happens often here, it will be a bad idea.
I believe that you want to find some penalties for people who do not show up and do not tell anyone, but a much more effective way is to restrict machine use for 2 weeks so they will remember to report it all the times. Once people do report that they can not use the machine, I do not see any point to force them to tell it 4 hours in advance, unless it is a whole night run, where people would like to use it. In the day time 1-2 hours in advance a should be enough to find a replacement person to use the machine.
Charging for the full amount of reservation will also not help, as in this case users will have multiple consecutive reservation tactics to avoid it.


At 01:07 PM 12/7/2005 -0800, James Conway wrote:
Good suggestion!
I will also CC the and this will help to get the discussions started on this email list.

All the best,

Adrian Tymes wrote:

--- James Conway

Please reply regarding your opinions, "Should we charge users when
cancel without advanced notice on the Raith system?"

If you're conducting a poll, then I vote yes.  Specifically, if
they cancel less than 4 hours (x<=240 minutes) in advance, charge
them for their full reservation; if they cancel at least 4 but
no more than than 24 hours (240<x<=1440 minutes) in advance,
charge them at half rate; if they cancel further out than that,
don't charge.

I would also suggest this for other extremely high use systems.
Perhaps someone could check Coral to see what other systems, if
any, are at over 50% utilization (or at least over 50%
reservation) and thus might need to discourage reservations that
may be abruptly cancelled.