Subject: Re: lost wafer left in the Ebeam Dry box -- Please remove your samples from this box!
From: James Conway <>
Date: Mon, 04 Aug 2003 10:36:54 -0700


I am so sorry your substrates were lost.   Please See ME directly -- maybe we can find you substrates... likely they have been disposed of.

Be advised that this is for Ebeam users for In-Process wafers only and NOT for General User storage.

Be advised that this is not a N2 Purged box, nor is it really dry!

All Lab Members should remove their engineering materials from the Ebeam Lab Dry box this week.

Next week if we cannot identify a wafer or sample in the 'dry' box to a current ebeam Lab users we will  remove it and place it into the SEM Lab Junk archive for other users needing non critical mechanical substrates.

Thank you for your action in advance!

James Conway
Ebeam Technology Group


Randal James Grow wrote:

Dear Labmembers,

Sorry to pester you with extra email, but I'm looking for a lost wafer.

It was in the ebeam passthrough in a single-wafer box labeled with
the names Randy and Qian. I'm not sure if there was a date.
It was coated with oxide and nitride and etched from the backside to
make large (1 mm) nitride membranes. It had been broken up into
probably three irregular pieces. I first put it in there in February,
and the last time I saw it was probably May.

If anyone remembers moving it somewhere to make room in the
passthrough, please let me know. This is an important and useful wafer,
though the irregular breakage may have made it look less so. Also, if
you threw it away or something, please tell me that. I might be
annoyed, but I'd rather know not to bother looking for it anymore.