Subject: James Conway will be away from SNF Friday through Monday 10-09-06
From: James Conway <>
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 15:48:43 -0700

Greetings Raith Users and SNF Process Staff Group:

The RAITH 150 system remains 'off line' and in 'shut down' red light mode
while RAITH USA Field Service Engineer Jason Sanabia and Zeiss SMT Field
Service engineer Mike Santomango continue to troubleshoot and effect
repairs to the RAITH system. At this time I still do not have an estimate
when the system will return to service. All parties are doing their very
best to bring this system up. A number of problems were encountered on
several sub-system modules as we wirk our way through the system.

Our Raith Champions will be in charge of the system after Jason Sanabia,
whom is currently on site at SNF, returns the system to Users.  It is
requested that available Raith Champions help and assist Jason Sanabia with
qualification and exposure testing on the tool when the system comes back
up. Please feel free to stop by the Ebeam Lab and introduce yourselves.

James Conway will be away from the office from 16:00 hours today through
10:00 hours on Monday October 09, 2006 in order to address a Family Life
event that is currently transpiring. I hope to return to SNF Monday October
09, 2006 about 10 AM.
You should be able to reach me on my cell phone from today through Monday
afternoon and then again after Wednesday evening. Please leave a voicemail,
or send me SMS, if you need assistance or have questions. My office hour
times are best to contact me.

Thank you for your support,

James W. Conway

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