Subject: RAITH UPDATE :: System remains down for repairs to LEO computer and RAITH Loader
From: James Conway <>
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 09:25:50 -0700

Good Morning:

The RAITH continues to be down and we hope to have it repaired and requalified for users by Friday afternoon.
The RAITH system is currently in RED LIGHT Mode until repairs are completed.

We are aggressively addressing the LEO Computer shutdown phenomenon with LEO and they will be here to address this issue this afternoon.

The previous three days I have been working hard to restore the RAITH loader arm and it's controls to proper functionality.
The source of the problem that lead to disaster last Friday afternoon appears to be a bent microswitch level arm with is employed to give the signals end of travel limit signal and stage motor in motion control. The motor continued traveling and allowed the belts to slip loosing the position calibration.  I was able to repair the switch (jury rigged for now) and remount and set the belt to proper  tension.  I have been able to get the loader recalibrated for end of travel in the inner and outer positions but cannot get the positioning to be consistent enough to allow sample holder exchange.

Raith Fields Service Engineer Bernd Steggemann will arrive today with calibration tools to effect repairs and assist in the qualification.

Thank you for your patience and everyone's willingness to assist me in these endeavors,

James Conway