Subject: Re: Raith question
From: Mark Topinka <>
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003 16:09:11 -0800

Hi Chongfei-
      Doesn't it usually only shift at certain magnifications (probably 
when you go from, say, 990X to 1000X, for instance?)  I don't know the 
technical reason for this, but I know it has happened on the other two SEMs 
I've worked with in the past as well.  You can measure this shift and 
compensate for it by using a manual alignment box in a positionlist from 
the Raith.  If you're interested in more info, let me know.  -Mark

At 03:31 PM 3/18/2003 -0800, wrote:

>Hi all,
>Does anybody know why the image shifts when the magnification changes?
>Thank you very much for your reply,