Subject: Raith free NOW until 11pm
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2008 20:36:06 -0700

For experienced users only, per email below.  Enjoy.


Quoting James Conway <>:

> Greetings RAITH Community:
> The system is coming back up after repairs.  More testing and
> mechanical adjustments to the sample holders are required and I will
> continue this effort tomorrow.
> Experienced Users only unless you have my permission through tomorrow
> afternoon.  Call me if you have any concerns.
> Users on the CORAL schedule overnight this evening and morning have my
> blessings to come onto the system.
> Good Luck.  Please report if you see anything unusual.
> Thank  you,
> James Conway
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> Subject: 	Problem raith SNF 2008-04-23 19:15:49: calibration are
> required to piezo post and mech. adjustments to all sample holders need
> to be completed
> Date: 	Wed, 23 Apr 2008 19:15:49 -0700
> From:
> To:
> Greetings:
> Thanks to an incredible effort and response by RAITH Field service
> leader Bern Steggemann, whom by chance was traveling through SFO this
> morning we have effected repairs and replacement to the ceramic ball
> mounted on Piezo post three of the XY Laser stage.
> The electrical connection to the Faraday Cup on stage also resolved
> itself with this repair.
> I have tested the Load Lock and Robot arm and exchange position
> settings for sample holder transfer.
> Just brought the FE-GUN back up and it will take about six hours for
> emission to stabilize and possibly a day or more to return to previous
> emission levels. Vacuum levels are elevated but safe to resume
> operations this evening.
> I loaded the Universal Sample holder and attempted to level using the
> Piezo controls, but was unable to successfully level to any less than a
> total delta WD of 0.194 mm across a 96 mm axis across a 100 mm wafer.
> Note Piezo three is the fixed reference post height that the others are
> adjusted to mechanically.
> I desire to repeat this measurement again before attempting to perform
> mechanical adjustments to both the Universal and Electrostatic chuck
> sample holders.
> Note the Std. sample holder cannot be adjusted as they are pressed in,
> its detents are worn, and likely should soon be replaced or simply
> discarded.  I will confirm with RAITH USA Inc. if I need to recalibrate
> the piezo controls before performing mechanical adjustments.
> *With some reservations I am releasing the system to experienced users
> only.* Users should carefully check their focus and perform a write
> field alignment within ~ 5 mm of where they intend to write their
> patterns. Be sure TO center all piezos as you come onto the system.
> Thank you for your support!
> James Conway