Subject: Reminder: RAITH Ebeam Lithography Workshop 10 - 5 daily WED/THURS/FRI.
From: James Conway <>
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 19:29:47 -0700


Just a reminder for the RAITH Ebeam Lithography Workshop we are holding
this week.

This is your chance to meet and work with the application specialist
whom are visiting Stanford this week.
It is a great chance to get all your questions answered, and bring to
RAITH's and my own attention specific areas of your technical interest
in Ebeam Technologies and where you may need more  technical support and
further training.

We will be holding this meeting from 10 - 5 PM daily starting out in CIS
201 (10 - 12) and 1 - 5 PM working in the Ebeam lab.

Following up on this effort, I hope to hold an RAITH Advanced Users
course early in 2004 for all interested RAITH users.

Thank you for your interest in Ebeam Technologies here at SNF.

James Conway

  Previous announcement attached. Dated August 21, 2003 and several
other announcements since then.

A LITHOGRAPHY WORKSHOP is scheduled for Wednesday through Friday,
  1-3. This is for current qualified users of the Stanford RAITH system
only. *
  The topic for each day and the format will be flexible, but a general
  plan to follow would be to begin each day with a ~ 2 hour
  session.  ALL Raith Users are encouraged to attend the
  sessions. Following the classroom session will be a 'practical' or
  session using the R150 tool. Due to limited space in the cleanroom,
  must SIGN-UP for the practical session in advance. This will be on a
  first-come-first-serve basis.


  WEDNESDAY, October 1
  Question/answer of exposure problems; tips and tricks.
  After 2 days of presentations, and past knowledge of some difficulties

  experienced at SU, we can make general comments and suggestions for
  improving exposure results.  You should come with questions.  To
  benefit from this, users should come PREPARED in advance with images
  files that we can load on a laptop and projector and look at the
  or problems you are experiencing and talk through the process as
though it
  is a 'case study'.

  THURSDAY, October 2
  Metrology with the R150.
  As a basis for this topic we can look at the stitching and overlay
  pattern. In addition to learning more about stitching and overlay, you
  learn about setting up measurements and doing statistical analysis on
  exposure results.

  FRIDAY, October 3
  More discussion on proximity effects and circle arrays?
    Discussions will focus on Photonic crystal devices, but maybe there
  other areas of interest which users may wish to discuss as well?
  - Discussions of any other remaining questions from the week.

* Please Note:  If you are in training on the RAITH with me, and not yet
a qualified user,  you are also cordially invited to attend these
sessions and observe if you desire to get a head start on the system.
You all are intended to have your RAITH Basic Users training completed
in the coming next couple of weeks. This will bring us to over 50 users
on the system!