Subject: Cooling update ....
From: John Shott <>
Date: Fri, 30 May 2008 22:40:00 -0700

Raith Community:

This afternoon Lev Markov from Raith USA came in for some additional 
work on the problematic turbo cooling situation.  In the process of 
investigating and localizing flow limitations in the system, a kink in 
one of the water lines was found.  Once the kink in the line was 
straightened, a healthy flow of about 2.3 liters per minute at a chiller 
pressure of only about 40 PSI was observed.  Yesterday at this time, it 
took 80 PSI to force only 1.2 liters per minute through the system.

While we will continue to monitor the flows, we are optimistic that this 
may resolve this problematic issue.

I'd like to particularly thank Rohan Kekatpure for finishing early and, 
in particular, Patrick Gallagher and Kelley Riviore for giving up their 
time slots this afternoon so that Lev could investigate this problem ... 
had they not been so gracious, we would not have been able to 
investigate this matter today and Lev will be in LA all next week.  They 
deserve a thank you from everyone for their community-minded spirit in 
this regard.  As you know, the system is booked around the clock.  If 
any of you need to cancel a time slot because samples won't be ready or 
think you may finish early, I'd like to ask you to contact Patrick 
( and Kelley ( first to see 
if we can get them some "make up time" over the next 2-3 days.  Please 
let Kelley and Patrick know if you think you know of some time that may 
open up in the near future ....

Happy processing,