Subject: raith in "orange" mode
From: Soogine Chong <>
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2010 15:02:14 -0700 (PDT)

Hi all, 

I'm putting raith in "orange" mode - not shutting down, in case someone can fix this.
 James and all the raith champions are unavailable at the moment.  

While loading, I got the error message, "It is not possible to reach the inner position
of the robot arm."  I followed the procedure given in the pop-up message, pressing "T"
on the joystick and driving it all the way to the outermost position, but then got the
error message, "It is not possible to reach the outer position of the robot arm."  Then
the software was telling me that the loadlock could be in a critical state and that
I should consult the manual.  I tried driving the robot arm to the outermost position
once more (following the pop-up instructions), and this time the pop-up message disappeared.
 However, when I press "load sample," it gives me an error message, telling me to fix
the error in the previous procedure.

Currently, the robot arm is driven to the outermost position, the loadlock is pumped

I'm leaving the system logged in under my userID.  Please let me know if this problem
gets fixed or if more information is needed to fix this problem. 


Soogine Chong
Stanford University
PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering
mobile: +1-650-804-8556