Subject: Chip 2 write in progress...May run a bit later than expected...
From: James Conway <>
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2004 18:15:55 -0800


I was able to start chip 2 of my run.

The run started at 17:58 and will finish exactly 20:28 hours.

Please let it run as long as you can so I can free up a session next 
Wed. for other work.

It is a 4 X 3 array of patterns.

Positions 1 - 5 ~33 minutes per device (EPC)
Positions 6 - 13 8 - 10 minutes per device (NO EPC)
Position 14 ~3 - 5 minutes.

It would be wonderful if we can not abort before the end of position 5, 
better if we can let it run until after position 9.
10 - 13 are a repeat of 6 - 9 so less critical.  Feel free to abort when 
you need to... saving the position list of course so I can start again 
later if necessary.

They are 150 um thick quartz so please handle careful and place front 
side up onto the Silicon wafer in the carrier on the load area and place 
into my dry box for me.  Thanks.

System is running well I had no problems with memory or displays at all ...

Thank you for your help!

James Conway
I can be reached on my cell through about 10 PM and back on air about 
12.  Never sleep... ;-)
Back Tuesday .