Subject: RAITH information and applications meeting
From: "James W. Conway" <>
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2012 18:49:38 -0800

Friday February 17th, 2012 in Packard 242 (2nd Floor) 9:30 to 11:00 AM

Raith Applications Scientist Joe Klingfus will be available tomorrow to answer any questions you may have about RAITH lithography and measurement systems, or to discuss any aspect of the RAITH Nanosuite Version 6 and the hardware we have recently upgraded to on our RAITH 150 system here at Stanford.

This meeting completes a full week of topics in EBL / IBL Advanced Lithography methods on the RAITH tools including the new Fixed Beam Moving Stage and the Modulated Beam Moving Stage module that were donated to us by RAITH USA Inc.  This is a limited term agreement covering the next 24 months and I hope we can develop some new applications for this methodology in collaboration with RAITH USA Inc.

For those persons whom missed presentations during the Advanced Lithography Workshop, and the FBMS training classes today, this will be your last opportunity to get your questions answered and discuss with him possible applications on this package in person during this visit.

Hope to see you tomorrow morning.

James Conway

Brief description pardon the poor text conversion in translation. - JWC

The FBMS lithography module comprises design, control, and exposure of structures In a fixed-beam-moving-
stage mode. This allows excellent precision and flexibility in exposing thin, but extended lines
or paths known from integrated optics structures (i.e. waveguides) or in x-ray optics patterns with no
stitch field boundaries.

Exposures can be realized with a true stationary beam or using a programmable high speed beam
shape continuously formed by the pattern generator during controlled stage movement.

This operation allows fabrication of well-defined line width without having the need to rely on a defocused beam.
The patterns to be exposed are fully integrated into an extended GDSII database and editor.

Standard beam scanning and path control exposure sequences can be mixed and executed directly from a single GDS ll file.
The FBMS editing functionality allows to define lines of  flexible geometry and to prepare it for direct exposure in FBMS control mode.
In FBMS exposure mode the stage motion is controlled via intelligent stage electronics based on high performance OSF architecture,

System features:
 - writes smooth continuous patterns over large distances with no stitching errors
- capable of curved paths and standard scanning beam pattern definitions
- dedicated curved path editor and conversion functions included.
- stage follows curved paths at constant speed under laser control with beam feedback loop
- spot mode and programmable beam shape exposure for flexible line width and patterning control
- combined FBMS and vector scan exposures In one run
- standard free, intrinsic calibration mode for multiple scan field sizes
- FBMS exposure control fully integrated in Raith multi user software interface