Subject: Re: Raith Status Wednesday 11-14-12 at 8:45 AM System is available to Users that do not need to perform write field to write field stitching. or for SEM inspections use the coder stage controls.
From: "James W. Conway" <>
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2012 19:21:03 -0800

The problems we were seeing with the relays chattering will not harm the system.  The bug is gone for now -- may return --

The work around is to select coders in the stage control panel and then attempt to go back to lasers.

I have ample spare boards and a complete stage unit coming in tomorrow.

We wrote all day without any issues ...

On 11/14/2012 11:17 AM, chalabi wrote:
Dear James,

the problem was more severe last night. it was good for the first write but for the second one it could not even settled its position to start writing. so I was forced to manually stop the movement to stop jiggling. I think it may cause some harm for the system and make it worse if it left for itself. it was a terrific night ...


"James W. Conway" <> wrote:
Good Morning Raith Community:

It was a very strange day yesterday with several unusual problems on the tool.  In the morning I arrive to find someone had turned off the Laser interferometer Power supply using the front panel switch.
Currently I have placed the system into yellow mode and users whom do not need to write field to write field stitch their patterns can likely successfully write on the system.  You will perform your operations under coder stage control and not on the laser interferometer control.  We encountered problems with the stage control hardware evidenced by clicking noises of relays in the unit after completing X-Y motions.  This is an intermittent problem and you may not encounter an problem during your run.  I had the system working and tested several times through the evening last night only to have it resurface with the next Users shortly after I left the lab.

Users are reminded that the Ebeam Lab is a restricted area and no lab members other than qualified Users of our beamtools are to be in the lab without an escort.  You have my permission to confront any User entering the lab for any reason and obtain their lab member name and report them to me. 

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James Conway