Subject: RE: Raith pattern generator Problem again?
From: "David Goldhaber-Gordon" <>
Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2004 23:07:14 -0800

 Sun, 7 Mar 2004 23:07:14 -0800

Hi Hatice,

I'm sorry that people are experiencing pattern generator problems again.
It's great that you emailed pictures of broken patterns from September. It
would be even better if you could:

1. Put them on the Raith Swiki:
Specifically, create a new page for your pictures under

2. Include (in some form) not just the broken patterns but also the intended
patterns. For example, you could include the GDS II file, a pdf, or a SEM
image of ones that wrote correctly

This would help everyone recognize the problems when they show up, and would
give James images to show to Raith to convince them of what's going on.


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From: Hatice Altug [] 
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To: James Conway; Luigi Scaccabarozzi; Scott Andrews;
Subject: Raith pattern generator Problem again?


Gigi, do your broken patterns look like this? I got this results back in
September when there was a problem with pattern generator. It showed up on
random people and random writing sessions. For at least 2 weeks I suffered
while nobady was having such a problem ( maybe my patterns are more complex
than others) It has not been fixed untill james and other users also start
to have same problem. If you also have same broken type pattrens I think it
might be again same problem with pattern generator ?!

Scott, also I remember now that I was getting overlaped patterns. It might
be writing on the same spot so that you get one big blob instead of one
(look at broken pattern 1 in the attachment, overlaped area is overexposed
and in some of them not even possible to resolve the pattern which is
suppose to be 10 by 10 matrix of  dots)

Since last time it showed on random people and on random writing sessions it
is possible that tomorrow some people can say that they have very good
results. I think maybe James can check if pattern generator OK?


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Sent: Sunday, March 07, 2004 9:32 PM
Subject: Re: Raith Results?

> HI Hatice,
> yes, I found the same. Some patterns broken, some misplaced, and also
> stitching error (but I was expecting the stitching since I could not align
> properly: the system is too clean, it's hard to burn a spot @ 10 um ap.!).
> Sorry I meant to send an email earlier, but I was busy.
> In conclusion, I would not attempt any critical work with the system in
> this state, and if other people had the same problem I think there's
> really something wrong with the system, not with my sample.
> James?
> Gigi