Subject: today's test
From: Luigi Scaccabarozzi <>
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2004 22:18:18 -0700 (PDT)

I wrote and developed my pattern and I found the same problems as last
time. This time no intrra-field errors, but only stitching errors.
The weird thing is that the FIRST 2 rows of stitch field (roughly 12
fields x 2) of the FIRST written pattern wrote fine and then suddenly at
same point the error appear and keep constant over all fields of all
patterns. I think something drifts or triggers at some point.

When you wrote my pattern last week and came out right, you were writing
at 40 uC instead of 140 (my dose), so you wrote my pattern 3.5 times
faster and I believe you stopped the write before the error appeared, if
that's something that shows up after some time.
Or it could be a pattern dependent error... I don't know.
Also, when I started today the align writefield I could do a few alignment
at 600X, with reasonable values, and at some point, suddenly, something
happened and the zoom(y) limit exceeded appears...

In conclusion I think there's still something wrong, although that may
affect only specific pattern or patterns written slowly. If other
users test the system, please report the results!