Subject: NEW THREAD: Reservations and cancellations of reservations.
From: James Conway <>
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 13:02:19 -0800

Greetings RAITH Users:

Considering the recent increase in the number of cancellations on the Coral system for the RAITH; it seems that it might be prudent to consider a penalty for those whom make a reservation and then cancel it without some adequate amount of warning time for people to pick up the reservation and to utilize the system.
 (Canceled sessions :archived on discussion list:: 16 cancellations in October, 9 to date so far in November!)

For example,  you cancel your reservation -- then in fairness to the community you should not be able to make a new reservation within the ten day horizon window of that cancellation; were you not to cancel the mentioned reservation within some event horizon before your reservation time.  In essence this send you to the end of the line of all users waiting for access on the system.

My expectation is that the system be fully utilized 24/7. While some cancellations are bound to occur due to processing troubles, we will be confronting those whom have canceled repeatedly over the two months if this becomes presents problems to others whom are in need of system time to complete their work and to meet upcoming deadlines.

Your comments are invited, please post your replies to the discussion list.
THREAD: Reservations and cancellations...

Thank you for your support!

James Conway

Hung-Tao Chou wrote:
Sorry for the late notice, Sample pre did not go well at the final step.