Subject: Take a Spin with Me on the Headway Monday November 22, 2004 1000 - 1300 hours
From: James Conway <>
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 10:11:03 -0800


The Next 'Take a Spin with Me' ebeam resist handling training on the 
Headway will be this Monday November 22, 2004 1000 - 1300 hours in the 

Users wishing to spin resist at this time should have their wafers clean
and ready to go in the 150 Singe oven or outbound from the YES before 
this class.
I will processing one small batch of wafers on wbnonmetal and this is 
your opportunity to spin resist on your wafers as well so you get some 
work completed during this training as well.

Thank you for your interest in Ebeam Technologies,

James Conway

No need to respond to this email... just come to the class if you are