Subject: Re: Problems with single-pixel lines
From: James Conway <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 14:57:06 -0700

Hello RAITH Users:

Dfattal has also reported no finding Single Pixel Lines... this week..  100 nm

What resist type and from what resist bottle are you using?

Last month there was a couple of reports of no lines or features resolved on
the H-700 (EBEAM) and we were trying to identify a possible bad batch or
bottle.  Those users queried were not able to cite a specific bottle....

(Keep notes of your resist lot and date in your Lab Notebook folks!)

The 2% 950K MW microchem PMMA (bottle No. 4) has been qualified and it was
working fine for me...

Does anybody else have good or bad results to report?

James Conway

"Scott D. Andrews" wrote:

> Hello,
> Has anyone else had problems getting single-pixel lines to come out?  I
> can get dots and area to come out great.  I am using 100 for areas and 0.4
> fAs for dots.  For lines, I have tried everything from 200 pAs/cm to 3000
> pAs/cm.  I only got some lines to come out once and that was with great
> focus and doses greater than 1200 pAs/cm.  My understanding is that
> 300-360 pAs/cm is the normal range.  Does anyone have suggestions for what
> may be wrong?
> Thanks,
> Scott