Subject: Re: Help w/ raith needed this weekend
From: James Conway <>
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2004 11:46:27 -0800

Raith Champions:

Please step up to the plate and help Alexandros out if you possibly 
can.  He is progressing well but not quite ready to operate the system 
on his own as of yet.  His patterns expose very quickly and users before 
and after him could easily share the ride.  These are shot dot array 

Thank you,

James Conway
FYI:  I will be out of town this weekend and off the cell phone grid.

Alexandros Pertsinidis wrote:

>Dear Raith users,
>I am soon to be a new raith user. I have been working with James' help on
>a project and I am in desperate need to get some exposures done before the
>machine shuts down.
>As of now there's available time between 2am-8am Sat and 2:30am-7am on
>Sun. I need about 1hr of exposure time.
>Is there someone who is willing to help me out? I can return the
>favor by providing processing time, dinner, alcohol or any other
>compensation you might ask for.
>Thanks for your attention,