Subject: Reminder: e-beam lithography presentation, Friday, March 4
From: "Jane Edwards" <>
Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2005 09:48:22 -0800

There will be a presentation on electron beam lithography by Dr. Tim Groves
of Leica on:

                                 Friday, March 4th
                                        1 PM
                            CISX 101 (Auditorium)

Recent Progress in Electron Beam Lithography of Nanometer Scale Structures

Dr. Tim Groves, Director of Technology at Leica Microsystems Lithography,
and Consulting Professor of Electrical Engineering at Stanford

E-beam lithography remains the method of choice for fabricating structures
in the range of 4 nm to 200 nm in size. In additon to having inherently
high resolution, it has the ability to store and print complex patterns,
thus avoiding the cost and cycle time of photomasks. Recent years have seen
an enormous proliferation of commercial and research applications for EBL.
Dr. Groves will describe some of these, along with the capabilities and
limitations of the technology. An open discussion of the EBL needs of the
Stanford community will follow.