Subject: Please remove your materials from the Ebeam lab pass thru -- this is not a storage area.
From: James Conway <>
Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 15:03:43 -0700

Users are reminded that the pass through between the Lithography and 
Ebeam Lab areas is for work in progress and is not to be used as a 
storage area.  All boxes and sample holders are to be labels with the 
lab members name and the process name, and list  materials that are 
inside the box or carrier.

The week of June 6 - 10 the Raith system will be off-line for 
replacement of the SEM column.  During that time we will also be 
cleaning up the Ebeam Lab and performing wipe downs of surfaces in 
preparation of performing maintenance in the chamber.
Please remove and store in your lab bin all materials you may have left 
in the pass through.  We will then clean the pass through completely. 

All materials left in this pass through during that period that are not 
in active use on the other systems in the Ebeam lab will be considered 
abandoned and donated to the lab.  Likely they could be disposed of if 
not of immediate use.

Lets get this lab cleaned up and ready for the coming summer's 
fabrication activities.

Thank you for your support!

James Conway