Subject: raith system passed qualification. Please carefully inspect your results since we brought the system back up!
From: James Conway <>
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:57:19 -0800

Greetings Raith Community:

The Raith system was qualified this week as per the Qualification Template in the Raith Notebook No. 2.
Optical Microscope inspections displays excellent write field to write field stitching and very nice single pixel lines on 105 nm 2% 950K MW PMMA in Anisole.
Lines below 100 nm were resolved.  This wafer will be SEM'd later this week to measure the CD of the smaller lines and spaces.

Note: Samples mounted on the Standard Sample Holder may not be completely flat during your writes.
I noticed during the set up for the PCM qualification run an increase in the delta of  working distance for three points across the standard sample holder when the post are centered.  This delta was measured to be 360 um (0.360 mm)  This twice to three times the normal value.  This is also large enough to result in out of focus conditions if you write across large areas of a wafer.
This may have been a result of a bad landing onto the piezo control post at the load lock procedure, or for another yet to be determined cause.  I will reclean the sample holder recesses and remeasure again on my next access to the system. I am also planning on calibrating  once more the Piezo Post height so that samples can be accurately leveled using the SW routine.  It is still recommended that all users utilize the 'center piezo post' to position the wafer.

All Users whom have written on the system since it came back up last week are requested to carefully inspect their EBL write result before moving onto the next pattern transfer steps to ensure you have a quality write results.  Please report to this list the results you obtained to this discussion list.

Note: Two users whom wrote on the Raith last week reported possible problems with their pattern write. I am actively evaluating these patterns to carefully to determine a cause of their results.

Thank you for your support!

James Conway