Subject: Off line SW installation disk missing -- please return.
From: James Conway <>
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 15:04:37 -0700


Will the User whom last installed the RAITH 150 Offline SW version 3.0 
service Pack 7, Please return the installation disk to James Conway
A month ago a Users requested the off line SW to install on his or her 
laptop to generate GDSII patterns for the Raith class.

At that time I provided you with both a full version all in one disk and 
three disk of the old version plus the upgrades and the hot fixes.
Sadly the full version all in one disk was not returned to me when the 
disk were returned.

Please return this disk to me so we can install this SW on other 
computers.  Only the dongle is needed to run the SW and you no longer 
need, or will find useful, the installation disk.

Thank you,

James Conway