Subject: loadlock error
Date: Sat, 05 May 2007 02:35:31 -0700

Dear colleagues,

I'm encountering a loadlock error trying to unload samples. After  
entering the robot arm, the message 'error 212 - move robotarm in'  
appeared; I followed the instructions to manually remove the robotarm  
from the system (which worked, the robotarm did get out), but then two  
other messages appeared: 'error 213 - move robotarm out' and 'error  
214 - close valve'. The same procedure to manually remove the robotarm  
kept on reappearing.

I've tried calling James for the past few hours, but either his phone  
is off, or he doesn't have cell phone reception.

Could anybody who knows how to resolve this problem, please call me at  
650 283 0803?

Many thanks and best regards,