Subject: Re: Kindly reminder: Please do not shut down Raith unless 100% sure
From: Bing Dai <>
Date: Sat, 24 May 2008 18:34:18 -0700

I'm agree with Linyou. Please be more considerate...



> Just kindly remind that please think carefully before deciding to shut
> down Raith.  If you are confronted with problems you cannot solve, the
> first choice would be turning it be yellow.  If you have to shut it
> down, please announce it out.
> This morning some user shut down the machine because some problem
> eventually turns out to be minor. The machine now seems in a very good
> shape, but we cannot use it as James is out of reach for re-activation.
>  The machine is so heavily used, and any delay would cause much
> inconvenience for many of us.
> Best
> Linyou
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