Subject: Coral reservations times are available after scheduling changes by users... 1750 hours 11-18-2003
From: James Conway <>
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 17:57:12 -0800


Responding positively to my request to reduce reservations to within the
reservation limits; we have seen a number of users modify or cancel
their reservations and allowing openings to come up on the CORAL
reservation schedule.
Users Dwang and Diouf have each made a number of changes to their
schedule to accommodate several different user's needs and it is hoped
others will follow this example.   Thank you!

Please only make reservations for the time you will actually be needing
the system.
A number of new users will desire to gain access to the system in coming
weeks so it is important we all play nicely together.

System Hand Off:
Users coming on the system should communicate with those persons in
sessions before them, to ensure a smooth hand off and maximize
throughput on the system. I would suggest giving them your cell phone,
just in case they are finished early.

Thank you,

James Conway