Subject: Re: Please be careful in your coral scheduling -- much loss in time and opportunity due to recent NO SHOW sessions.
From: "James W. Conway" <>
Date: Wed, 02 Dec 2009 15:37:33 -0800

Hello Soogine and Byoungil,

Your request is certainly not an unique case, but I am still uncomfortable with this unless it is announced to the list in an email to the raith list with each reservation made, that you are both working in a collaborative effort.  It is understood between us that this is not a specific attempt to reduce charges by one user reaching the capped level and another user not running up charges and/or exceeding the ten hours total time for reservations for each user within any event horizon period.(10 days)  Just please keep these reservation exchanges completely above board and in plain view for the Raith Community.

So to completely eliminate any appearance of favoritism to your group versus other groups collaboratively working on the system in similar states to yours, I have CC' the raith list and now open this thread for discussion and to obtain the consensus opinions of all qualified Users currently working on the RAITH tool.
So Raith Community this is your chance to chime in, or suggest we debate this item in the next Ebeam Town Hall Meeting in January.

Thank you for your support!


Soogine Chong wrote:
Hi James,
Regarding the rule that only the person who made the reservation can use the tool - Byoungil and I are working together and running the same process.  We divided the work, so that he does most of the e-beam, while I do most of the other part of processing - i.e. he does two people's worth of e-beam, and I do two people's worth of other processing.  In this case, could you make an exception and allow me to make reservations for him?  This is what I have been doing so far, if you saw many cases where I made the reservation (sgchong), and Byoungil (bilee) was using the tool.

On Wed, Dec 2, 2009 at 9:20 AM, James W. Conway <> wrote:
Good Morning Everyone in the Raith Community:

I was disappointed in the RAITH Community that many people have been making either spurious reservations; simply have not shown up for their raith reservation; nor have posted cancellation notices on the list.  Particularly during this busy period as we approach our annual holiday shutdown, this behavior represents a huge loss of opportunity to other Users seeking access to the system to complete their work in 2009.
Henceforth this note serves as a warning and request to all Users working on the RAITH tool to carefully review their current CORAL reservations and ensure they show up for your reservations or post timely (~24 hours advance notice) notice of their cancellations on the reservation system. Users unable to comply with this request will simply loose their access to the RAITH until after February 2, 2010 upon the next incident that comes above the normal noise level.

While this may seem harsh to some, particularly if they are not working regularly on the tool  -- I believe it is justified in light of the very large RAITH User Group and the number of people seeking access to the system that recently have not been able to make a reservation and have complained to me or their PI's.

Users are reminded of two specific policies on the RAITH tool:

  1. Users may not make reservations for other users even if they are qualified on the tool.  If you reserve the tool I expect you to be on the tool and not another lab or group member.  This policy is to eliminate sandbagging the schedule within any specific group and allow equal opportunity to make a reservation for everyone.  All changes transfers and reservation exchanges must be announced in advance on the email list.
  2. In  place for all tools in the Ebeam Lab is 'The 16 Minute Rule' regarding No Shows for reservation slots.
    'The 16 Minute Rule' states simply that at minute 16 after a reservation slot opens; if the User has not posted a note on the tool, and sent an email to the email list of their intention to start late for any reason, their reservation is now expired and that any qualified User whom enables the tool on Coral can take that entire sessions time.  It is only upon that User's courtesy to return the tool to the last User after their tasking is complete, or hand off the tool early to the next User available to come onto the system. 
All Users are expected to review the Policy tab in Coral and be familiar with the policies for each tool they are qualified on.
All Users are requested to consider 'Sharing the Ride' with other users working on the system to reduce to load/unloading time overhead and increase throughput on the system.  This is particularly useful if your session may not require its total reservation time to complete your tasking or if you are simply using the system for SEM and metrology functions.

In early February 2010 we will once again hold an Ebeam Town Hall Meeting and if Users wish to modify or change any policy on the Ebeam tools this will be the time and place to make your opinions known and affect change within our Community.

Thank you for your support!

James W. Conway

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