Subject: Ebeam Lab Status -- If lab opens Tuesday all Ebeam Lab tools should be up. Raith available 3 PM onwards
From: "James W. Conway" <>
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2012 11:38:25 -0800

Greetings Raith and SEM4160 Community:

The SNF building renovation is nearly complete and all SNF Staff are striving to return the entire clean room to order and bring up many tools in parallel. 
Please watch the Stanford SNF home page and email announcements to lab members to keep updated on SNF Cleanroom opening status.   Likely there will be a phased in Lab Start up next week.

There will be no access whatsoever to the clean room or Ebeam Lab for any Users until the Cleanroom is officially open.  The tentative best time and date I have is this next Tuesday morning. 

SEM4160 Status:
This week the system was brought up and is now being tested.  It will be shutdown Monday for the N2 work planned for the Allen bldg, and we will restart the tool as soon N2 is restored.  My hope is to have this system available to qualified Users Tuesday Noon or when the lab opens to Users. 

Raith 150 Status:
The Raith system is up and running and currently being qualified for performance and complete functionality testing of the new Fixed Beam Moving Stage (FBMS) modules and hardware.
Before the holiday shutdown we performed our annual column PM and checked out the entire system for performance.  Once Raith and I were allowed to enter the lab last week, we performed an extended bake out on the tool
and the system has been up much of this week for testing.  We did not encounter any significant problems in testing and we have excellent resolution and brightness on the tool. Currently I am exposing at higher energies and making many measurements on patterns written on the system. 

Raith Field service has the tool this next Monday afternoon, evening and overnight until Tuesday for FBMS test and several sets of adjustments to the system.

My plan is to be able to open the RAITH tool to Users starting 3 PM TUESDAY and its likely only the Ebeam Bench and the Headway coater will be available to Users until they complete the Lab start up in areas other than the Ebeam Lab. Please plan to not have access to ancillary and downstream processing tools until they have been fully qualified and released to Users by the tool owner(s).

I look forward to continued engagement with all of you on your projects in 2012.  Please visit me during my office hours if you have questions or concerns.

Thank you for your support!

James Conway