Subject: Status update, 6/3/2004
From: Charley <>
Date: Thu, 03 Jun 2004 09:30:19 -0700

     Raith fans,
    We're down due to the breakage of the drive belt in the airlock. It 
moves the worktable
onto the stage and removes it. This is due to 'norma' wear, not the 
result of some error by a
user. I did make it complicated to figure out what was going on!
    I've talked to Joe Klingfus and he has a service guy scheduled for 
tomorrow, Friday the  4th.
If he has the belt with him, this should be a coupleof hours work, so 
maybe we're back up
by Friday evening, hence the weekend.
    I'll be his contact here, and I'll update here and on Coral as soon 
as I hear anything. For the
latest, check your mail/Coral status 'board'.