Subject: Re: ALERT ACTION REQ: RAITH 150 Reservations Policy:: 8 hours per rolling 10 day reservation window
From: "Jien Cao" <>
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 17:48:18 -0800


Could you please clarify on item 2, namely, the 4-hour-minimum rule?
 If a write needs less than 4 hours, what is the procedure to initiate
a "share ride"?

As I understand it, the purpose of policy #2 is to ensure that one can
make reservation without being cutting off by other users.  In the case
that we need less than 4 hours, can we simply reserve what we need
and let others know?  It may be easier this way.

Thanks for your attention.


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From: "James Conway" <>
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Sent: Monday, November 15, 2004 1:50 PM
Subject: ALERT ACTION REQ: RAITH 150 Reservations Policy:: 8 hours per 
rolling 10 day reservation window

> ALL USERS are reminded that there is a limit to RAITH machine reservations 
> on the coral system -- but not to access of or utilization of the RAITH 
> system...  Please see section 1 and 3 below...
> There are currently several Users whom have exceeded the 8 hour 
> reservation limit on the system in the current 10 day window. Please check 
> your reservations and reduce your reservation total time to below the 8 
> hour limit by Tuesday morning 10 AM or I will remove your access to the 
> system for the entire period through the end of the year.
> Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter,
> James Conway
> Current RAITH 150 Reservations Policy:
> 1. Reservation limit of 8 hours per rolling 10 day reservation window on 
> the Coral Reservation System.
> The reservation horizon was increased from 7 days to 10 days on Coral to 
> allow you a longer window to make reservations.
> 2. Minimum of a four hour reservation slot, or you should 'Share the Ride' 
> with other users within your CORAL reservation. i.e., No half hour 
> reservation games allowed or tolerated! Not necessary to petition the 
> Raith list for each of your sessions!
> 3.  Longer reservation needed than the normal 8 hour session:
> You may have one reservation only of up to 10 hours maximum if you have no 
> other reservations on the RAITH Coral system in a rolling two week period. 
> You must have approval from James Conway if you desire a session longer 
> than 10 hours, and you will then not be able to make an additional 
> reservation for a two week period after that reserved session is 
> completed.  This is meant to meet the needs of users with special writing 
> needs or circumstances only.
> 4. Reservations start (rather than end) within the reservation horizon.
> This change in particular, is designed to avoid the "30 minute roulette" 
> that  labmembers wishing to reserve the raith and the stsetch have been 
> forced to play.
> <!--[endif]-->5. We have abandoned the concept of 'prime time' and 
> 'non-prime time' hours. The Lab operates 24/7.
> 6. First Come First Serve -- You must use your reservation before making a 
> new reservation on the Coral system.
> Raith System Usage Policy:
> 1. No System Usage Limit:
> While we have specific limits to RAITH Coral reservations, we do not have 
> a limit on the system utilization if there are no other users working on 
> or reserved for the system.   I expect the system to be utilized 100% of 
> the time.  Users are asked to make the hand off between users as smooth as 
> possible. It is suggested you check in with the previous user a short time 
> before your session to aid in communications and the system hand off to 
> reduce the unload / load exchange interval time.
> 2. Grace Period: Users are expected to start and end your writing sessions 
> within 15 minutes of the scheduled time slot.
> If you are having problems, or encountered difficulties during your write, 
> which may require for you to extend into the next user's session you are 
> expected to make an attempt to inform the next user within a hour of the 
> hand off time. You must gain their permission to extend into their 
> session.  If you don't get permission or cannot complete the EBL task --  
> you are expected to cancel the exposure and immediately yield the system 
> to the next user on their request.  If you did not start your session on 
> time as scheduled you will not be allowed a grace period to continue into 
> the next person's session.
> Remember you must gain the next users permission to extend beyond 15 
> minutes into the next reservation slot.
> 3. Beginning your writing session -- the '16 minute Rule' applies:
> If at 'minute 16' of your reservation slot, if you have neither shown up 
> to start your session, nor marked the system with a note saying you are 
> coming, nor communicated with the last user on the system and posted to 
> the raith mailing list; you lose your entire reservation.  It is only upon 
> the courtesy of the user available to come onto the system, once he has 
> enabled on CORAL for the session, as to either to return the system to you 
> within your lost reservation time or not.
> 4. Cancellations:
> Cancellations and trade off in RAITH sessions should be posted to the 
> Raith mailing list for all to view as soon as possible once you realize 
> that you will not be able to make use of your reservation.  It is expected 
> of Users that cancellations be done at least 24 hours before your reserved 
> session to allow other lab members to make use of the opening. <!--[if 
> !supportLineBreakNewLine]-->You must post a reason for your cancellation, 
> particularly if it was due to a system or machine dependence from within 
> the lab not allowing you to get your work finished.
> 5.  If there is no one on the system and no reservation on CORAL, the 
> system is available to you for your use.
>  This does not affect your reservation limits on the Coral schedule and 
> there is no need to make a reservation on Coral for this session.
> 6.  ALL USERS must enable CORAL in their own account for their writing 
> sessions. At the time of enable Users are to start an entry in the RAITH 
> Operations Logbook and all pertinent information should be recorded. 
> Problems during a run should be reported to CORAL and noted in the Logbook 
> for prompt action by SNF staff.
> Thank you for your inputs and support of these policies.  This should go a 
> long way to create fair and uniform access and utility of the RAITH 150 
> Ebeam Lithography System.
> Yours,
> James Conway