Subject: Thanksgiving PM cancelled Coral opening up for access Thanksgiving Day 1500 hours and through the weekend...
From: James Conway <>
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 15:07:14 -0800

Greetings RAITH community:

Thanksgiving PM canceled
 Raith reservations on Coral will be opening up for access Thanksgiving Day 1500 hours and through the weekend and beyond through DEC. 13, 2004 NOON.

I am removing most of the time I had blocked out on the system for maintenance from Coral reservations.

But I will maintain a 26 hour period to complete a wafer writes that had been canceled twice this week.  System becomes available when the job I set up WED. to run overnight finishes on Thanksgiving Day -- approximately 1500 hours.
This is my best estimate and I will post next Wed. a better estimate.

I firmly expect that the system will be utilized 100 % through the holiday period as many of you all insisted you needed the beam time.
Historically Thanksgiving and Easter breaks have been the lightest user use periods. Hence the previous reason I wished to do the PM at this next holiday break.  Sharing all of your concerns about the outcome of the service I had hoped we would get through the PM intact and in good form but if not we had December to straighten it all out and not extend in January when system need increases; avoiding the debacle of the last two years January when we struggled to get the system back up and running within specifications.

Some items I wish all users would consider to increase through put on the system:

ALL users are encouraged to be more conciencious about hand offs between users with the goal to improve through put and access to the system for al users.  I am examining Coral user history  to reservation made and canceled carefully and there has been significant loss of opportunity by those whose writes complete early but the system was unattended through the early morning hours, and of all users whom working on chips have not 'shared the ride' with other users needing the system. 

Users canceling or not showing up for their session must post their opening to the RAITH list at the earliest opportunity and with a explanation as to why they are canceling. Yes -- sometime everyone will need to cancel a session, but the level of cancellations and not informing others of the cancellation is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated further.
Last night in fact the write completed at 22:37 hours, the next user did not enable until ~ 7 AM.  That would have been a weeks of access for anyone waiting -- AND USERS WERE WAITING FOR ACCESS TO MEET URGENT DEADLINES.  Remember the 16 minute rule on reservations and if no one is writing and there is not a reservation pending or in place the system is available for any user. 
Long write times, such as overnight writes, by users should have a firm estimate of when the write completes and preferably a user whom will check the system at this time, be ready to hand off the system to the next users in the CORAL queue, and then any available user if that user is not ready or available.

Let all work together on handing off the system more smoothly reducing idle time and load lock overhead.  The beam time you save could be yours! 

Thank you for your support! Your comments are invited.

James Conway