Subject: Re: Jien Cao is a NO SHOW -- system is available for your use.
From: Jien Cao <>
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 2004 18:52:55 -0800


Are you really sure what you're talking about?
What do you mean I didn't show up?  My
reservation starts at 6:30pm.  I don't understand
why you announced so to the whole list.
And I really hope you'd explain.

BTW, if anyone sees the previous email and
actually comes in, I won't be responsible for


Quoting James Conway <>:

> Greetings:
> Jien cao did not show up for his RAITH session and has lost his
> reservation.
> Whom ever comes to the Lab and enables the system has the system through
> ajaveys reservation time .
> next user come on down!
> James Conway

Graduate Student
Dai Lab
Department of Chemistry
Stanford University