Subject: Ebeam litho solvent bench is up -- ready for your use. Guidelines for Use. Please keep this area spot less!
From: James Conway <>
Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 14:53:51 -0700

Greetings Raith Community:

This week I repeated cleaned and wiped down the Ebeam Lithography solvent bench and have removed all contaminated glassware that was abandoned on the benches surface.  It is now spotless, clean, and the deck is free of glassware, lint free paper, and excess solvent squeeze bottles. the number of squeeze bottles to remain in the bench has been reduced to just one each of Acetone, Isopropanol, and Methanol.
This effort was made for your benefit in order to allow you to perform critical clean level solvent cleaning and developing operations of PMMA  and other Ebeam resist. This is to improve the quality of your results and enhance safety for all lab members working in the ebeam and lithography area.

Simple Guidelines for Use:

 - Users should wipe down the deck and shields before and after they work on the bench.  IPA moistened wipers work fine.

-  One User at a time on this bench.

- The deck's surface should remain clear and no glassware should be stored on this bench except for the actual processes you are performing at the time of the processing. WHY?  This is to allow easy wipe downs and cleanings while reducing turbulent airflow across this bench. This helps in eliminating sources of particulate from materials left on the deck. The decks should be kept clean and clear between operations.  This is not a storage area.

- Users are recommended to provide your own dedicated glassware for your work, and to store it in your lab bin. The litho area glassware rack also has some glassware and graduated cylinders available for your use. Please be sure to clean and dry all glassware after your use and before your return it to the storage rack. This is to maintain proper contamination control for the various levels of cleanliness in the Fab.
- Only PMMA and Ebeam resist application and developing processing should be performed at this bench.
Please no red resist, grease, or waxes on this bench whatsoever.  Maintenance people are exempt on this item so they can clean the SVG coater chucks and bowls in the hot pot underneath the surface of the bench. They have been very careful to clean the surfaces completely after their cleaning operations.

- NO cutting, scratching, scribing, or polishing operations which would generate particles or metal fragments at this bench.
- No saw dicing cleans or wafer labeling / scribing operations at this bench.

- Please perform all metal lift-off operations at WBSOLVENT which has an ultrasonic, or for longer soaking time at LITHO. Solvent bench in the litho area.

If you have other suggestions or concerns on how to maintain this bench for critical processing, or to add to these guidelines please post a reply to the  discussion list. This will be a topic of discussion during the Next Ebeam Town Meeting to be held in late June.

Thank you for your support!

James Conway