Subject: RAITH STATUS for Friday November 2, 2007 16:25 hours -- James will be off the cell phone grid some of Saturday day.
From: James Conway <>
Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2007 16:31:44 -0800

Good Afternoon Raith Users:

RAITH system status Friday November 2, 2007  at 16:25 hours:

The system is up and operating with optimal beam current and filament emission levels. The are no limits or warnings currently posted for the tool. User may go up to 30 keV Acceleration Voltage.
Noise and Vibrations in the lab are very much reduced from last weeks levels as construction down the street comes to completion.  Image ripple today 10 AM is
5 -7 down from 15 - 55 nm previously.
Last night is was 3 - 5 nm after  7 PM.

Gun conditions:
EHT V = 5.6 kV
EHT I - EHT Off =  345 uA
EHT I -- EHT On = 304 uA
Beam I 10kV 30 um aperture = 0.207 nA.         (Note: Target emission level is 0.204 uA.)

The beam waist at 10 kV using the 30 um aperture is between 1.8 and 2.1 nm and this is below the system specification or < 4 nm at 10 kV 30 um apt.  Very nice small spot.
Smallest dot measured this week in HSQ was 13 nm. written at 10 keV 30 um aperture
Smallest Single Pixel Line was 13.4 nm. Written at 20 keV 20 um aperture. 

'Theres plenty of room at the bottom...'

Please Note:  James will be off the cell phone grid some of Saturday during the day time.
Be sure to leave me a voice mail if you call my cell. I will periodically check for messages and will immediately return your call when I receive your voice mail.   :-)

Have a Nice Weekend,

James Conway